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Freedom From

Energy Bills.

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Eco Elite knows how important a simple switch to solar is for our customers. 

We believe in providing a tailored solar solution to help future proof your family and home. 

No hidden fees. 

No expensive deposits. 

We pride ourselves on making solar affordable for homeowners Aussie wide. 



We only offer products that we stand behind which is why we are happy to guarantee the production of your system.

30 Day Install Guarantee.

We know how long the wait can seem for your install. You want to save straight away! 

That's why we work hard to get your system installed within 30 days*.


We use Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers. 

Their knowledge is second to none, coupled with amazing attention to detail, they are the guys you want on the job.

Our Work

Trusted Partners

Meet Eco Elite 

Our Story

We started Eco Elite from a desire to do more. To do more for the customer, more for the industry and more for the environment. 

Given the lack of participation in environmental effort from the industry here in Australia, we knew someone needed to lead the way.  So Eco Elite was born. 

Our Vision

We know that everyone will move towards renewable energy. We understand that reliance on fossil fuels is not sustainable. 

Our vision is to create a sustainable future for homeowners in Australia by giving them access to green energy and freedom from power bills. 

Our Ethos

Our ethos? We actually care. 

To us it all matters. This goes for the staff we employ, to the brands we work with, the customers we service and the world we live in. 

Yes we are a business but our purpose isn't just about profits. We want to make a difference. 

We want to make a change. 

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Our Customers

What they say...

So pleased with our solar panels, the guys that fitted them were fast and efficient and very curtious and polite when explaining everything to us. Thanks Eco Elite


Raewyn Simpkin

If you can afford your energy bills, you can afford solar. 

Let us show you how!

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