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Benefits of going solar

We all know that solar is a good idea, more people are doing it and governments around the world are even helping homeowners pay for it. Still people wonder "what are some of the benefits?".

Let us tell you all about them!

1. Reduces the global carbon emissions

Carbon emissions, what's that? Basically how much carbon we put out into the atmosphere as a result of living our day to day lives. From turning on a switch to driving in your car to buying a new jumper, all these things result in carbon emissions and together make up your Carbon Footprint.

By installing a Solar PV system on your roof you will be powering your house without all the nasties and as such reduces you carbon footprint.

Quick comparison... coal powered energy produces around 1000g of C02 per kilo-watt hour whereas solar powered energy produces around 40g of C02.

2. You'll save money on your electricity bill!

Naturally your want your system to be producing power for you and here at Eco Elite we work hard to give you a system that will reduce your power bill by 80 - 100%.

The average family in Australia is spending from $1012 to $1444 depending on your state.

Look at this quick bit of math shooting in the middle at $1200.

Average Aussie mortgage is $401,371 with a 30 year term and 3.93% interest.

If you were to take that annual $1200 and pay $100 each month here's how much you would save over the course of your mortgage.

If you were to take the money you save on your power bill and put that on your mortgage you could make some great savings. Have a look yourself;

25 years left - You'll save $19,110.45 and knock 2 years off.

20 years left - You'll save $11,510.64 and knock 1 year 5 months off.

15 years left - You'll save $6102.47 and knock 1 year off.

10 years left - You'll save $2569.25 and knock 7 months off.

5 years left - You'll save $611.89 and knock 3 months off.

3. Energy Independence

If there is a power outage in the day you will still be able to use your house will keep running. As long as the sun is out you're covered! If you invest in a battery too (right now they are pretty pricey) you'll even be able to store your own power to cover you at night.

4. Increasing the value of your home

Potential buyers always love to see solar on a home. Not only does it bring the price of electricity down for them but also if it's an investment property it is more likely to be rented out than if it didn't have solar!

On average a system will add $6000 per KW installed. That means for a 6.6 KW system you are looking at $39,600! That is more than it costs to install...

These are just some of the benefits, if you can think of some more leave us a comment below!


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