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Climate Change v Global Warming

Climate change. It's the phrase on everyone's lips, but a phrase that still confuses many.

What does it mean? Is it real? Is it as bad as they say? Are we doomed?

Yes it is real and yes it is bad but no we don't have to be doomed if we do something about it.

Change in climate is a very natural process. We move through warm and ice ages, have volcanic eruptions and wetter winters, however Climate Change refers to something more unnatural.

The way we live our lives today has seen a change in the climate that is not only more intense and prolonged but also abnormal and unexpected.

Over the last century there have been lots of weather events that make climate change undeniable, although some world leaders *and popular podcasters* would argue with that.

We have seen more droughts, heavy flooding, forest fires, eco systems lost and sea levels rising than we ever have before.

In fact a new phrase Climate Crisis has been doing the rounds to explain the situation we now find ourselves in when it comes to saving the planet. A crisis, and that's exactly it.

Experts are telling us we have only 8 years (until 2030) to make some serious changes before the world reaches a tipping point of irreparable damage.

So what about global warming, what is that?

Global warming is a part of climate change. As a result of the greenhouse gasses being emitted into the atmosphere we are seeing an ever increasing rise in temperature.

World leaders are under huge pressure to implement policies and procedures to tackle climate change before 2030, but also make sure they are policies that will really make a difference. If not it is feared we will see over 1.5 degree increases by 2050 which puts us in a dangerous place.

This is a serious topic and something that we care about a lot at Eco Elite. It's not about being perfect but it is about trying to do something.

Solar can be your foot in the door to a greener lifestyle & we would love to show you how.


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